What are my beliefs and values?


I qualified in education (teaching college and university levels). My wife is a primary school teacher also my teenage son is training in childcare and early years education. So education is a deep core value in our home. However, I believe that the current education system lets learners down, as it is too institutionalised and rigid.

I believe education and the ability to share knowledge is one of the greatest gifts humanity has. So, I also believe everyone has a right to educate themselves and absorb as much knowledge as they can. However, this should be in the way that best facilitates their needs.

I believe, that coaching and mentoring is a key element towards a humanistic approach to self development and growth. I continue to study multiple subjects as part of my lifelong learning.

Furthermore, I believe everyone should be able to access coaching and mentoring, regardless of financial situation.


  • I value education, and continued self development. In others and above all in myself.
  • I value that everyone is unique, and each one of us needs a holistic and bespoke approach. Particularly to support personal growth and self development.
  • I value that at the heart of every business is a person.
  • I value that business, life, career and spiritual coaching are all important. Therefore, to truly help a person achieve their goals a holistic approach is needed.
  • I value the code of ethics that I follow, The competencies I adhere to, and consequently the value these place on the people I work with and my clients.
  • I value my connection with nature, my creativity and my spirituality. As these are all part of what makes me unique.

Where My Beliefs And Values Lead

Unquestionably it is the combination of these beliefs and values that has guided me on my journey. Which has included the following:

  • Being a business mentor for Enterprise Nation and the UK Government Help To Grow Scheme. Supporting small businesses, towards achieving success.
  • Being a business mentor for Project ReMake. This is an entrepreneurship training programme, for formerly incarcerated people.
  • Taking the C-Suite level skills from my ILM Level 7 Certificate for Executive and Senior Level Coaches and Mentors, and delivering them to Small businesses and Entrepreneurs.
  • Peer Mentor for the European Mentoring and Coaching Council UK (EMCCUK). Supporting other coaches and Mentors to achieve their goals.
  • Deputy Director of Professional Development for the EMCCUK. Exploring professional pathways and developing an understanding of how individuals enter the coaching and mentoring profession
  • Association of Business Mentors (ABM) Regional Ambassador for the Central Region. Supporting members networking and developing their mentoring business and skills.
  • Member of the Special Projects Sub Committee for the ABM. Helping to shape and develop the future of the ABM by developing the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies and framework necessary to support the ABM and its members.
  • Co-Project Lead for National Mentoring Day (NMD). Supporting the founder in their aims to take NMD to the next level and promote a mentoring culture in all industries and sectors.